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Social Anxiety
A chronic mental health condition in which social encounters or interaction causes discomfort or anxiety. Children with social anxiety disorder struggle with excessive self-consciousness that goes beyond common shyness. In fear of judging others negatively and embarrassing themselves, kids stop doing things that they need (or want). Social anxiety is more than shyness. The most common symptoms:
  • Worrying about embarrassing or humiliating yourself.
  • Blushing or sweating
  • Trembling
  • Avoiding interacting with people or social events
  • Always expecting the negative consequences while going out or being social.
The Solutions:
There are numerous easy we can help people with social anxiety disorder:

1.Relaxation Strategies:
Kids need to learn a few coping techniques to calm down while feeling anxious. Breathing exercise is the best and rapid way to calm down your mind and heart rate.

2. Problem Solving Skills:
Kids with social anxiety tend to avoid problems. They prefer avoiding problems rather than solving them because of anxiety. Problem-solving skills will teach them how to find the solution to a problem instead of avoiding it.

For example: If a child fears public speaking, he/she can practice in front of a mirror or record it and watch it back. You can even enroll them in a Personality Development Course.

3.Work on friendship skills or social skills:
If they feel uncomfortable making friends, then start taking baby steps.

For example – You can play a drama with them by being their school friend. Try to involve your kid as much as you can. Record it and watch it together. Show them that everything is normal and they are capable of making good friends.

4. Professional Help:
If the anxiety is affecting your child, you can seek professional help. You can either go to any counselor or a professional mental health practitioner. Therapy might help your kid beat social anxiety.

Social Anxiety is very common these days and with some of these solutions, it can be tackled.